Autobiography of a Coin

Topics: Crying, Coin, Debut albums Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Autobiography of a Coin
I was born in Mint near Mumbai. I am twelve years old and I was sent to Kolkata from Mumbai. You know who I am? Guess! I am a two rupee coin. I am telling you the days that I nearly spent. When I was made I was bright and shiny, but the man who was carrying me was careless and dropped me accidentally. I was sad. No one saw me and walked over me, without noticing me. Soon my shine also faded away. Days passed and I still lay in the corner unnoticed. But one day a girl’s eyes fell on me. She took me in her hand and kept me in her pencil box. Her name was Smita. This new place was nice, cool, safe and better for me. I lived there very comfortably. I passed two to three days in this box . Whenever Smita used to open her pencil box she used to see me smiling. After seeing me she was thinking something in her mind. One day Smita got a five rupees coin. She kept the coin beside me. Now I had a friend; with whom I used to share my joys , good feelings , bad feelings and my experiences of my life. It was also very happy with me. You know , what happened , One day Smita dropped me on the way when she was in hurry to get up on school bus . Without seeing me she kept her leg on me. I was crying with pain. When she removed her leg. I got some relief and took some breath . What bad day it was! There was also Smita’s brother ;Arun; who was naughty and never used to listen anyone . Arun took me in his hand and bought a candy and gave me to the shopkeeper. He kept me in the box. There was also coins like me. Again I got many friends and I was happy. I also told them my bad days that I spent. They were also sad and were weeping by hearing my sad story (Autobiography) while some were laughing at me. Some friends told me don’t mind at them. I was happy there but also...
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