Topics: Shasta County, California, Lassen Volcanic National Park, English-language films Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: August 26, 2013
My name is Andrew Winstead, I was born in Redding, California, a mid-sized city located in the most northern part of the Sacramento Valley. I have four brothers named Alex (14), Jordan (21), Nathan (25), and Tyler (28) along with two sisters, Courtney (29) and Samantha(26). My Dad’s name is Neil Winstead (60) and my Mom’s name is Kathryne Buchanan (49), they were never married and I don’t remember them ever being together. I’ve grown up most of my life in Dixon, CA where my mom lived up until three years ago when she moved to Elk Grove. Most of my friends that have known me since I was really young are in Dixon. My dad lives in Red Bluff, CA, up near Redding and that’s where I spend most of my time right now. In the future I hope to get out of the valley, although I like some areas of it, I like mountainous areas a whole lot more. I am now attending Elk Grove Charter School as a senior and hope to gain on all my missing credits and graduate this year. I really enjoy the outdoors and it is where I like to spend my time whenever I get the chance. I love fishing and would fish everyday if I could, I have spent many, many hours on the river enjoying the peacefulness. Another thing I enjoy is working on cars, particularly my own. I like high performance cars and love the freedom of driving. I enjoy hiking mountains a lot and like adventures. I climbed Mt. Lassen Peak when I was six years old. My Dad has a house on the Oregon coast in Coos Bay. We go up there and ride the sand dunes and it’s a lot of fun. My dad bought me my first car it’s a 92’Eagle Talon. My dad has had two of these cars previously except his were all wheel drive. These cars have lots of horse power for how big the engine is because they are turbocharged. This a short story of my previous life and my life now and I hope to add many more memories to my life story.
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