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I also read the Kane series. The Kane series is kind of like Percy Jackson except it is about Egyptian mythology. Like the Percy Jackson series, these books also grabbed me by the hand pulled me into the scenes I was reading. I really enjoy the feeling of being in the books with the characters. hoping she would end up with Gale. I always knew she would choose Peeta but I just wanted her and Gale together so much. The and like I really didn’t kno what to do when she ended up with peeta beause I really didn’t like him that much I thought he was super weak and lame and gale could protect her better than him. I guess her and peeta went through a lot though so I see why she would choose him mean they almost commited and ritual suicide. I am very excited for the second movie to come out because the first one was super good and I really liked it and yeah so yea im super excited for the hunter games catching fire I always get the chills when I see the trailer it is so good it is unbelievable and it is so so so so so so so descriptive like the books are and I just need to see it like when it comes out. Im thinking of going to the mid night premier its that good. I love the books and the movies and they are a big part of my life.
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