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Autobiographical Incident
Everyone has incidents in their life that can cause problems or struggles, but it is how one overcomes these incidents that makes up who they are. Some prominent issues in life that provoke struggles are moving, a parent's divorce, or a loss of loved ones. These factors work together to make a person who they are. One incident in my life that has caused a struggle was moving from Georgia to Florida in the middle of my sixth grade year.

Now journey with me to Georgia six years ago. A family is in the hustle and bustle of preparing for a move to Florida. Four nervous children anxiously help their parents pack up the car. Three feel ready for the move, but one feels a bit more apprehensive than the rest. Two had never been to school outside of the home, and were not filled with feelings of unmixed delight. One felt prepared and ready.

As we set out on the long trip to Georgia, I felt more ready than the rest. Not at all nervous at my introduction not only to public school, but also to middle school, I ignored my sister's nervous mutterings about being accepted or left out. My confidence waned a little as we became nearer and nearer to Orlando. Suddenly, the worry of not being accepted or not finding friends filled me with dread of the school days that lay ahead. I also was reminded that we were entering the school year mid-way through and that most social circles had already been established. Not to mention, I would be the only Cato in Discovery Middle School, because all of my siblings were still in elementary school.

My first day was, as my sister had predicted, not exemplary. The student that I was assigned to follow on my first was not the most accepted boy in the school. I, therefore, did not get the opportunity to meet as many people as I might have hoped. I was immediately associated with that boy. I did meet a few people, though. Abdula Aldik and Eric Cordero were among my first friends.

During my second week of school...
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