autobiographical incident

Topics: Sun, Wind, Sky Pages: 4 (682 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Christian Mendoza
Ms. Sadeghi
English 3 P.5
The Walden Project
Introduction: Every day I find myself walking into my kitchen and looking out of the stunning window view which allows me to see the skyline and an abundance of beautiful vegetation. The natural thing that I will be observing is the portion of the sky that is viewable from the window in my kitchen. I am ecstatic to begin this project because although I look through that window every day, I have never found the time to actually examine and appreciate the beauty of the nature with a fine tooth comb.

Day: January 1, 2015
Weather: clear skies with hard winds.
Time beginning: 10:30 am / Time ending: 10:45am
Observations: Looking out of the window, the first thing that I notice is a long, milky white streak stretching as far as the eye can see. As I take a step outside, I am immediately struck with a bitter cold wind that sends chills down my neck. Although the wind is cold and sharp, the warm rays of sun that are peaking over my neighbor’s house into my back yard are outstandingly refreshing. The sky has a bright blue tint and is breathtakingly gorgeous, but I can see the grey clouds In the distance, slowly inching towards my neighborhood. While I spend my final moments observing the sky, a flock of crows soar violently through the air, breaking through the strong winds in a drastic attempt to take food from a nearby seagull who is trying equally as hard to escape their presence. Overall, this morning’s observations have been successful in making me appreciate the beauty of the nature. Day: January 1, 2015

Weather: clear skies with mellow winds.
Time beginning: 4:20pm / Time ending: 4:45pm
Observations: This evening when I observed the sky, I was lucky enough to make it at the exact moment that the sun was beginning to set, allowing myself to see a variety of colors blended into the sky. My entire view was a pallet mixed with endless shades of red, pink and orange that lit up...
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