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My First Car Accident.

The day I had my first car accident was on November 23, 2011. I came back from school and my mom told me and my brother to get ready that we was going out immediately. So when we got ready we got inside the car and we all left because my dad told us to meet him somewhere. When we left we was by wal greens when a car came across and hit us. I had a shock and thought our car was going to hit the pole and I thought we was going to die, but it stopped and thanked God.

After a couple of minutes after the car accident the police came and asked us if we was okay or if we got hurt. Then after that the police got all our names and told us that we was right and the woman who hit us was the one who was wrong. A couple of minutes later my dad came and we all got into his car because the car we was in was damaged and then we started heading to the hospital so we can see if we got hurt. After we got out of the hospital we went to the police station to go get the police report, and then we headed home because it was too late after we got done.

When we got home we went to sleep and the next morning I didn’t go to school because I was hurt from the car accident and we had to go see our primary doctor and to go signup in the chiropractor’s office. When we got to the hospital we had to wait for 30 minutes so the doctor could come and pick us up. Then after 30 minutes we went inside the doctor’s office and he asked me what has happened and where I got hurt and I told him. After we left the hospital we headed to the chiropractor’s office and we signup. After we got done signing up he took us in and asked us what happened and where we got hurt and we told him , so he jotted it down and told us that we can now leave and should come the next day. After that day I promised my self that I would never forget this day because that was the day my life got in danger and I almost died.
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