Auto Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Gasoline, Electric shock Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: May 10, 2005
Safety is very important in the automotive shop. Knowing and following all your safety rules can help prevent injury and damage. There are many different little sections of safety in the shop for example, gasoline handling, housekeeping, general shop, fire, and hazardous materials. It's recommended for the people to first know the rules and later apply them as they go on. There are also laws involved regarding hazardous waste disposals. So there fore they have to know the proper disposal methods. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed down by the United States government in 1970. This act is to teach the citizens of the United States about safety and good working conditions, and also providing them with information and training about safety and health. Shop hazards can be avoided by following the safety rules and procedures of the shop. Here are some hazards. * Flammable liquids must be stored properly away from fire.

* Batteries contain corrosive sulfuric acid solution and produce explosive hydrogen gas while charging.

* All types of liquids can be harmful either to the skin or eyes.

*High-pressure air can be very dangerous if penetrates the skin and goes into bloodstream * Electrical equipment and lights may result in electrical shock. * Carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust is poisonous.

* Loose clothing, jewelry, long hair may entangle in rotating parts causing serious injury. * High noise levels from shop equipment can be harmful to the ears. * Oil, grease, water in shop floors can cause someone to slip and fall causing injury.

Personal protection in the automotive shop. Here is some equipment you should and should not wear. * Always wear safety goggles or face shield in the shop.
* Wear ear plugs or covers if high noise is encountered.
* Always wear boots or shoes to provide foot protection, and falling. * Do not wear watches jewelry or rings when working on a vehicle. * Wear a respirator when...
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