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The first sight of autism types was back in 1747 from a 12 year old boy. People believed this child was purely soulless and devil possessed. Then again later in 1798 from another child, but was treated by Jean Itard with a behavior program so his speech could become more evolved. As time went on a Doctor from Vienna University Hospital named Hans Asperger adopted Bleuler’s terminology autistic psychopaths. This is how the name Asperger syndrome came about. Even though now we are informed about the name, once Asperger syndrome was first named it was not known all over until 1981. Major reason is because in 1943 11 children came about to have behavioral problems in common. Leo Kanner took it upon himself to have the English sense of the disorder labeled towards the children.

Although in the early 1900’s there were a few cases of this disorder, it was not until now that autism is known to be the most heritable any of the psychiatric conditions. Now a days the internet has been used for plenty things learning languages, gaining skills, and even getting degrees. For autism the internet has become a huge factor it is known to help people with the disorder with their speech, emotions, and even how to communicate in working conditions.

When diagnosed with autism it is known before the age of three. Symptoms for this disorder would include impaired speech or social interaction, having repetitive behavior such as asking the same questions over and over or doing the same movements. When it comes to the social part of autism some people living with the disorder either become very angry when dealing with other people or are taken for granted. Most do not understand harsh meanings that other people throw at them, or they see they are different from others and seek to be accepted. As children, kids with autism are not as apparent as kids with normal neutral systems. As babies they do not show any signs of responding to their name often, when children are young instead of words there are usually a lot of smiling and staring at other people but not with a child that has autism. As for communication in the younger years of their lives, speech is pretty much limited usually including babbling and weird hand gestures. The home of this disorder is in the brain which is shown by how it processes information meaning the nerve cells are not able to connect the ways they would in a normal healthy brain. There are only three types of autism this being one type, where people only believe there is one type. The other types of autism are Asperger syndrome, which includes language issues, cognitive development, and another disorder. This is when the complete symptoms list for autism is not met. It is not completely known yet if the disorder is formed mainly by the male or female genetics. Some scientist believe that it is formed depending on the combination of genetics that is made, others think that it is just a family trait and gets passed along from generations to generations. Neither one of these theories on the reason how autism is actually formed have been fully proven.

Even though many think it is easy to see symptoms of autism, the way for parents to notice if their child has the syndrome or not is a sort of hard job to monitor. In some cases the child could start off normally, such as learning at a normal pace and being able to communicate. But as they grow older they end up regressing. Otherwise for most the most common time period to see signs of the syndrome would be in the first two years of their children’s life. Some kids have actually recovered from autism but it is known that there is absolutely no cure for it. Usually when maturing to an older age people with autism hardly ever have an independent life, but few can manage.

People and children with this disorder tend to create strong bonds with their primary caregivers. It is known that the higher in age someone with ASD gets the worse they do on test that includes...

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