Topics: Autism, Causes of autism, Genetic disorder Pages: 8 (2489 words) Published: April 1, 2013
“ Research Paper: Final Draft ”

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Fall 2012/2013
Writing and Research: COMM 1312
Section 204
Instructor: DR. Hala Guta.
Name: Shroug Al-Mutairi.
ID#: 201100271.
Major: Business Administration.

Autism is a disorder that is not restricted to a certain race, gender or to the scale of development of the country, and that’s what I want others to understand. For this research I have read and searched through a number of books, both hard cover and electronic, I have also read a lot of medical web articles, and looked through autism organization websites to validate the accuracy of my material. Through this research I have found that there are in fact several factors that contribute in the cause of Autism, such as: genetic and environmental factors. But sadly to this day no exact cause has been known for sure. I have also found several remedies that don’t exactly cure Autism, but might help lessen its severity. As well as searched and found how Autistic children are being treated out in the society. This research would be helpful to parents and those who are looking for a better understanding on Autism.

For this research paper I used several research methods, the first is an online research. I searched for causes and for possible remedies, though not many do exist. I used qualitative research method where I interviewed a couple of people, them being my parents -since they obviously have experience in that matter- and my aunt who is a Harvard graduate with a professorial degree in genetic engineering. I have also looked into how they and who others feel towards those slightly different people who do suffer from autism? Are they frightened of them? Do they pity them? Are they disgusted of them? And so on.

“Autism! A Genetic Disorder? Or Is It Caused By Something Else?”

“I see autism as having many different strands. All of these strands are beautiful. They are all the colors of the rainbow intertwined intricately into the child. If you try and take away the autism by removing the strands you also take away parts of the child as they are attached to them. They are what makes them who they are. However autism is only a part of them, not the whole. It does not define them.” (J.M. Worgan, 2012)

Autism. What causes it? Is it of the same severity in every child that suffers from it? What is the people’s perception on the matter/syndrome? That’s what I’d like to clarify. A lot of people are ignorant on the topic of autism, even though nowadays one in every 150 child is diagnosed with autism. In fact, when we were asked of what topic we have picked as our ‘research topic’ one of my classmates asked me after class “what is autism?” And that is when it hit me! A lot of people lack general knowledge on this big tragedy that is invading/plaguing one in every 30 or so families in the world, causing them inevitable heartbreak and occasionally financial problems. That tragedy being Autism.

Ever since young, I have always been interested in the topic of Autism. I was actually determined until recently to enter medical school and to specialize in genetic engineering, to discover the gene that is responsible for this disorder, and to find a remedy or a way to lessen the severity of its symptoms and prevent further outbreaks of this disorder. What developed that interest was the fact that my only brother -who is three years younger than me- was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. I honestly hope that I could shed some new light on this grave epidemic that is reaping the life out of a growing number of newborns around the world.

My purpose in writing this research paper is, as I said above, to shed some sort of awareness on this syndrome. The general consensus agrees that Autism is caused mainly by a genetic disorder that runs in the family, which is not entirely correct. There are many factors that contribute in causing autism, and they...

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