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Management Aptitude Analysis
Kaplan University
Autise Mortimer

GM 500 Management Theories and Practice I
Professor Jack Deem


The purpose of this paper is to see what type of manager I will be, and from the findings from the aptitude test I will explain the results that I got. From my results I will see where I stand as a potential manager. Aptitude testing is mostly used to see what skills and strengths you posses as a person and if you would be suitable for management role. By reading the textbook it seems that the skills that a manager must have is conceptual, human and technical skills in order to be a successful manager. Conceptual skills are the “cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole system and the relationships among its parts” (Daft, 2012). This skill is needed by all managers in order for the organization to be efficient. Human skills as stated in the textbook “Is the manager‘s ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as a group member” (Daft, 2012). As a manager you must have this skill because you must be a people person meaning you must get along with them and work well with a team. You must also be a leader and promote teamwork because you are nothing without your employees. Technical skills are not as important as human skills and conceptual skills but it is also needed. This skill is mostly used in lower level organizations and by front line managers. This skill involves specialized knowledge to solve different problems. This aptitude test explains your specific skills that you have and what skills you will need as a manager. These skills are necessary to become a successful manager in the 21st century. This test will pin point which one of these three skills you are best at and the areas you need to improve on. From taking this aptitude test I will learn if I am ready to be a manager and if I have the skills that I listed. I can also see...

References: Daft, R. L. (2012). Management 10th Ed. Mason, Oh.: Southwestern
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