Authority and Jane Brown

Topics: Authority, Writing, Persuasion Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: February 26, 2009
Analysis Article The writer of the article “Overprotective parents stifle growth”, Jane Brown a retired school principal, claims that parents are too protective of their children whilst the writer of “Reality Check”, Jack Lee, indicates that parents aren’t taking enough precaution with their children. The writers use different persuasive techniques to persuade their readers such as emotive writing. The tone that the writers use is pleading and the style of both pieces are simple. There is a picture placed between both articles and is used to show a similarity between the two articles. A technique used by Jane Brown is sarcasm throughout the article. She talks about how parents are trying to create “perfect” children and “protecting” them and “incidents” occurring at school, by specifically using these words the reader thinks that there really is no such thing as perfect because everything has flaws. Parents are “protecting” children; Jane Brown uses the word protected because it’s usually used for when someone is physically being hurt and this makes the reader think that there really isn’t anything the children need to be “protected” from and by doing so this helps persuade the reader to agree with Jane Brown. Sarcasm is persuasive when used with the correct words as Jane Brown has done. Reference to the reputable The Children’s Society sways the reader to accept that it must be true. “The Children’s Society stresses the importance......” is used by the write to let the reader know that the writer isn’t the only one who has that opinion. “...according to a study by The Children’s Society...” once again the writer backs up her contentions with a well known group to show that even they agree with what she is saying, by doing this it makes the reader aware that there are more people who already are on their side and they are not only normal people but also well known authority figures. Appeal to authority lets the reader know that the writer’s opinion is shared...
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