Authority and Canterbury Boys High

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The novel "Raw, by Scott Monk", Clearly deals with the issue, "the institution and the individual experience". This topic is a broad topic as both these ideas often contradict one another. Firstly, what is an institution? An institution is a group or body with a common aim of some kind on the other hand, the individual is a completely separately and unique from the group. The institution, in nature, is going to impact on the individual. In order to operate successfully the institution must impose rules and regulations to maintain a balance of order. The aspects of this issue which are highlighted in the prescribed text "Raw by Scott Monk" ,includes both the positive effect of the institution onto the individual as well as the negative effect of the institution on the individual this is seen through compliance and protest. The related texts which explore all of the aspects of the issue, are a film "Sleepers, directed by Barry Levison" which effectively exemplifies the aspect of a negative effect of the institution on the individual also the documentary "The Boyz", shown on the ABC network on 23/11/03, highlighting the positive impacts of an individual.

Scott Monk uses the protagonist Brett Dalton as the individual who is able to change his life, beliefs, and attitude around due to the effect of the institution, the "farm". Brett is introduced to the members of the institution, Mary and Sam, who seem to be friendly, interested in his background/ history and call him by his first name, unlike the police how refer to Brett as "The Boy". The authority of the farm, affects Brett in a positive way and often for the better. Before Brett and Sam formed a friendship, Brett protested against Sam's attitude, rules, and regulations by skipping class, displaying a bad attitude continues to smoke. In protest, Brett leaves the farm with the aim of heading to the city. He realizes that he can't cope with society when his belongings are stolen by "James" who drives a blue...
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