Authoritarian Regimes

Topics: Government, Autocracy, Form of government Pages: 4 (712 words) Published: April 19, 2015

Patricia Rivera
University of Houston

Authoritarian regimes are a form of government, where the nation responds with blind obedience. The article explains that this type of government can vary depending on the geographical location of the nation along with poverty level and a couple of other factors. The three types of authoritarian regimes include: Military, Personalist, and Single-party. The Military authoritarian regime pertains to governments, which are led by the military. Geddes argues that in most authoritarian regimes the military can be indebted with their own disintegration. The military regimes can be held responsible for the splitting of their regime because within the military elite, there is no loyalty or incentive to cooperate. Military authoritarian regime is noted by most of the literature and records of Latin American nations. An example of a Military Authoritarian regime can be the Argentine nation from 1976-1983. This country’s military had taken control of the government and continued to hold the power in deciding who was chosen as president. The next type of authoritarian regime presented is the Personalist regime. This regime differs from the rest because it places most of the power in the hands of one leader. Every decision goes through this one person throughout the regime. A very well known example of a Personalist Authoritarian regime is Fidel Castro and the Cuban government. In this type of regime, the nation is blindly following one leader and their chosen group of officers. This type of regime can have the incentive to support each other and tends to be loyal. Geddes does mention that the one evident vulnerability of this type of regime is the health of the sole government leader. The last type of authoritarian regime discussed is the Single-Party regime. This type of regime is very resilient and is mainly only threatened by extreme events. Although, legally, other parties exist and...
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