Authoritarian Beginnings

Topics: Sociology, Autocracy, Democracy Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: August 16, 2011
Authoritarian Beginnings
Democracy has not always been viewed as a government for everyone and every country. The levels of socioeconomic development did not seem to be at a rate suitable for a democratic government in less developed countries. A test was conducted by implementing a democratic institution in all countries and only a few countries took hold and flourished while many others failed. Because of this failure these countries have since been ruled by all powerful single-parties, monarchs, and dictatorial strong men. Armed forces always seemed to be a part of any political event and military take over’s swept the regions of many countries for many years. Even though democracy was a norm in some places, it was not until recently that it became a norm for most.

Justifying Authoritarian Rule
Even though democracy seemed to be the better way, many theorists and analysts believed that less developed countries were not ready for such a transition. Less developed countries need higher per-capita income, modernization and industrialization, education, stronger institutions, and a readiness for change. To justify authoritarian rule many nations believed that they need dictatorship in order to modernize and industrialize their country. With authoritarian rule this could happen and help the country develop and grow better than a democracy could. Once a nation was developed and their social standings were more in line with democratic structure than a transition could be in place. The need for dictatorship has been justified for many reasons, whether it is to ward off threats from others, and others seemed to feel it protected their social harmony.
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