Author Outline and Literature Review

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Mining Existing Literature
Research Dissertation One:
Mentoring and Standardized Achievement of African American Males in the Elementary and Middle Grades Chapter Two: Literature Review
I. Review of the Literature: An Overview
A. Mentoring of African American Males
1. Definition of Mentoring
2. Benefits of a Mentoring Program
B. Mentoring as an Intervention Program
1. Social Skills
2. Career Opportunities
3. Study Habits
II. Evaluation of Mentoring Programs
III. Therapeutic Group Mentoring Approach
IV. The Guidance and Planning Process
Research Dissertation Two:
The Impact of Mentoring on Academic Achievement of At-Risk Youth Chapter Two: Literature Review
I. At-Risk Youth-An Overview
II. What is Mentoring?
A. Definition
B. Types of Mentoring
1. Natural Mentoring
2. Planned Mentoring
III. Mentoring and Academic Achievement
IV. Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentoring Programs
Dissertation Research Three
Measuring the Impact of a Mentoring Program: Preparing African American Males for Success Beyond High School Chapter Two: Literature Review
I. African American Male Achievement
II. African American Males and College
III. African American Males at Risk
IV. Mentoring
V. Mentoring Defined
VI. Types of Mentoring
VII. Benefits of Mentoring
VIII. Mentoring and African American Males
IX. Leadership

Outline of Authors and Topics
Dissertation One:
Mentoring and Standardized Achievement of African American Males in the Elementary and Middle Grades Author(s):| Broad Topic:|
Agresti, A. & Finlay, B. (1999)| Statistical Methods| Brown, W. T. & Jones, J. M. (2004)| Academic Performance of African American Males in high school| Burrell B., Wood, S. J., Pikes, T., & Holliday, C. (2001)| Students as Mentors| Cohen, J. (1988).| Statistical powers and analysis|

Davis, J. E. (2003)| Early Schooling and Academic Achievement| Flaxman, E. (1992)| Evaluating Mentoring Programs|
Ford, D. Y. (1996)| Underachieving African American Gifted Students| Ford, D. Y. (2005)| Influence of Sociological Factors|
Grantham, T. C. (2004)| Multicultural Mentoring Programs in Gifted Education| Jackson, J. F. L., & Matthews, J. G. (1999)| Evaluation of Target Success Mentoring Program| Lee, W. Y. (1999)| Effects of Race and Mentoring|

Ma, X. (2000)| Socioeconomic Gaps in Academic Achievement| Morgan, J. (1996)| Black Issues in Higher Education|
Okpala, C. O., Okpala, A. O., & Smith, F. E. (2001)| Parental Involvement| Parker, W. M. (19950| Successful Mentoring Programs|
Sanchez, H. (2003)| Promoting Resiliency|
Struchen, W., & Porta, M. (1997)| Role Models as Mentors| Thompson, B. (2006)| Behavioral Statistics|
Townsel, K. T. (1996)| Preventing School Failure & Mentoring| U. S. Department of Education (2003)| Research and Mentoring| Utsey, S. O., Howard, A., & Williams III, O. (2003)| Therapeutic Group Mentoring| Valencia, R. R., & Villarreal, B. J. (2003)| Standards-Based School Reform| Yell, M. L., Rogers, D., & Rogers, E. L. (1998)| Special Education and Legal Issues|

Dissertation Two:

The Impact of Mentoring on Academic Achievement of At-Risk Youth

Author(s):| Broad Topic:|
Doll, E. J. (1994)| Psychological Assessments|
Dryfoos, J. G. (1990).| At-risk Adolescents|
Flaxman, E. (1992)| Evaluating Mentoring Programs|
Floyd, N. (1993)| Mentoring|
Freedman, M. (1993)| Adult Mentors|
Kazdin, A. E. (1993)| Adolescent Mental Health & Treatment| McPartland, J. M., & Nettles, S. M. (1991)| Using Community Adults as Mentors| Mecartney, C. A., Styles, M. B., & Morrow, K. V. (1994)| Mentoring in the Juvenile Justice Center| Miller, M. D. (19950| Mental Measurements|

Nunn, G. D., & Parish, T. S. (1992)| Psychosocial Characteristics of At-Risk Youth|...
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