Author Biography

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Author Biography
General Life
Joseph Conrad was born in Berdichev, Ukraine on December 3, 1857 and died in Canterbury, England, U.K. on August 3, 1924. He was raised and educated in Poland by Apollo and Evelina Korzeniowski. In Krakow, Conrad attended school and continued to have private schooling. During that time, he was raised by his uncle since his parents died. At age 16 he traveled to France and began life as a mariner. After falling into debt and attempting suicide, he joined the British merchant marine and served for 16 years, later on becoming a British citizen.

Conrad wrote several books, a few of which were an inspiration to films made based on the books. His very first novel, Almayer’s Folly, was published in 1895. One of his most famous pieces of literature, Lord Jim, was written and published in 1900. The seal of approval by the Committee of Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association of America was awarded to Last Essays (2010), Lord Jim (2011), Tales of Unrest (2012), and Within the Tides (2012).

In Depth Analysis

Joseph Conrad is an intriguing author because of his writing style. His complex diction and descriptions are usually in riddles or metaphors. Conrad has a merely positive effect on people and the world. The literary world would be worse if Conrad hadn’t lived because his stories about power, love, exploration, relationships, and strength show a different point of view on those topics than stories written by other authors. Also, the sentence structure and vocabulary in his stories is broader and slightly more complex than that of other authors. One of the thousands of eccentrically fascinating things about the author is his past. Born in the Ukraine and raised in Poland, knowing already two languages must have helped make it slightly easier to learn English and write stories. He never used a weak word in The Heart of Darkness, and it hooks the reader by making them curious as to what he meant by using...
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