Austro-Serbian relations provoked the First World War

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Austro-Serbian relations provoked the First World War

The causes of First World War is still a controversal topic.Exteriorly,the relation between Germany and France was the most important factor which resulted the First World War.In fact,the Austro-Serbian relations should not be ignored and this essay is going to prove that it provoked the First World War undoubtedly. In the late 19th century,Austria-Hungary was a multi-racial empire which was declining because of the unification of Germany and Italy.On the other hand, Serbia was a growing power in the Balkans which kept a good relationship with Russia.However,both Austria-Hungary and Serbia wanted to gain the control of the Balkans because of her remarkable geographical location.The Balkans consisted of different small states like Serbia,Bulgaria,Greece,etc.She was a special region in Europe since it was located on the convergence of the Europe,Asia and Africa.The unique location of the Balkans created a lot of conflicts among European powers even the Balkan states.Therefore,the Balkans was recognized as a powder keg in Europe. In Austria-Hungary,the increasing population and the lack of resources fostered her to expand her territory.She captured the excellent location and rich resource in the Balkans and wanted to extend its influence in the Balkans. In Serbia,the spread of Slavism aweakened the nationalism of the Serbian,they aimed to get rid of the rule of the big powers and wanted to form a big independent Serbia. Both of them were ambitous about the Balkans,conflicts were thus resulted in 19th century.For example,Bosnian Crisis in 1908 and the Balkan War in 1912.Their relation worsen eventually.The Balkan War was a strong evidence to show the hostility between Austria-Hungary and Serbia before the start of the First World War.After defeating the Ottomen Empire,the former dominating power in the Balkans,Serbia got a lot of lands and she got the seaport to trade with other contries and expand to the foreign countries.However,Austria-Hungary was alarmed by Serbia’s expansion and tried to hinder the expansion of Serbia.Austria-Hungary sought help from Germany and demanded that the coastal area of Balkans should be independent.Finally,a new state,Albania,was set up.It destroyed the aspiration of Serbia that forming a “Great Serbia”.Serbs were indignant.David(1995)1 stated that the Serbian prime Minister declared that 'The first round is won; now we must prepare the second against Austria”. Moreover, S. N. Sen(2000)2stated that”the Balkan crisis of 1912-1913 created bitter ill-feeling between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.A Pan-Slav movement began in the Balkans under Serbia.”These two sources showed the hostility of these two states had created a tension in Europe which encouraged the outbreak of First World War. A war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was just a matter of time since none of them were willing to make compromise.They understood the situation and they knew that they have to find a reliable partner.Russia was willing to help Serbia because they were brother of Slavism while Germany became the ally of Austria-Hungary.It extended the scope of tension and a world war was doomed to be happen. In 1914,The Sarajavo Assassination sparked off the war.The heir of the Austria Hungary Empire Ferdinand and his wife Sophie,were killed by a Serb nationalist in Bosnia.Austria-Hungary was angry and sent an ultimatum to Serbia which was harsh and unreasonable,Serbia rejected the last demand that allow Austria-Hungary's participation in any internal inquiry.Three days later,Austria-Hungary declared a war to Serbia in 1914,which marked the start of the First World War.The hostility between Austria-Hungary and Serbia finally created a world war.The deterioration of Austro-Serbian relationship became the most important factor that provoked the First World War. First of all,neither Austria-Hungary nor Serbia were willing to make compromises and keep peace. For...
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