Australian Wine Industry Report

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Global and International Business Contexts
Australian Wine Industry Report
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1.1 Company background and brand concept
1.2 Importance of Diversity and cultural different between European & Australia 1.3 Develop a model and factors of buying behavior between European & Australia

2.Porter’s National Diamond model
2.1 Factor Conditions
2.2 Home Demand Conditions
2.3 Related and Supporting Industries
2.4 Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry

3. Strategic evaluation between European & Australia
3.1. Measurable
3.2. Accessible
3.3. Substantial
3.4. Actionable

4. SWOT analysis between European & Australia
4.1. Product & packaging
4.2. Price level
4.3. Place (distribution)
4.4. Communication
4.5. Opportunities and threats
4.6 Economic conditions
4.7 Political condition
4.8 Socio-cultural conditions.
4.9 Summary of survey Findings

5. Conclusion and financial recommendation

6. Reference

1. Introduction:

After the discussion that related to managing globalization, diversity, globalization for business studies, the following can be the consolidation of my view that could be addressed. Globalization presents the free flow of technology and human resources across the world and national boundaries and spends of information technology, media as well as changing the world economic, training practices, competitive business environment. An increasing newcomers to the Australia workforce, globalization makes national culture strategic more complete, and need to be managed that came from populations that have been under-served in the past because of racial, ethnic, gender, or cultural differences. Social trends in Australia indicate that today's minority groups demand respect and equal treatment in mainstream institutions. I have indicated that business in the world organization, which can adjust their business strategies in our company for the changing demographic trend in Australia, should be successful firms in the future with increasing globalization. When firms in the world are seeking for the adjustable capability, as well as great globalization practice and training practice skills of HRM, they may look for the concept –managing diversity, culture, globalization, investment skills which is brought by Kandola and Fullerton (1998). In practicing managing diversity, spending aspects of HRM organizations strategic and investment are not using the traditional ones anymore. They should be cooperating with others such as sex, balancing of the global trends in human resource management, challenges arising from globalization, human resources management practice in the 21st century, to create organizational more effectiveness in wine industrialized.

In our organization, it must manage and train this increasingly diverse workforce. HRM includes organization behavior activities are successful across cultures will depend on the manager’s abilities to understand the value on practice human resource management such as motivation, job satisfaction, the important of work. It also depends on working effectively with other people. They also learn by understanding and appreciating differences in values in different national borders. Individuals and globalization tend to develop cross-cultural communication skills and stronger leadership abilities in diverse situations. Thus, it is also promoted to achieve the organization goals. In general, l agree with Kandola (1995) summarize that similar demographic changes in Australia. Globalization requires attention to more than conducting business across national borders but also entails expending competition for almost every type of organization presenting management with the diverse cultural settings (Edwards, 2006) The change is related to the workforce such as sex, ethnic minorities, and age...
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