Australian Visions

Topics: Poetry, Australia, Baz Luhrmann Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Prose Fiction – Peter Goldsworthy, Maestro
Candidates who attempted this question tended to focus on different perceptions of life in Darwin and different attitudes to music. Better responses developed an analysis of how narrative structure and techniques were used to create Australian visions and linked these visions to ideas about Australia. Weaker responses focused on the relationship between Paul and Keller or provided simple plot recounts and incidental descriptions of characters and settings. Drama – John Misto, The Shoe-Horn Sonata

Better responses integrated analysis of the use of dramatic techniques, such as audio-visuals, songs and music, and voice-overs into a discussion of the Australian vision of mateship and restitution of past injustices. Most responses provided an overview of the relationship between Bridie and Sheila and recounted the characters’ experiences as prisoners-of-war, incorporating an analysis of the features of drama used in the play. Weaker responses often relied on simple plot recount. Poetry – Douglas Stewart, Selected Poems

Better responses demonstrated an insightful understanding of how, through his poetic visions of Australia, Stewart also communicates Australian visions of egalitarianism, an appreciation of Australian flora and fauna, and respect for Indigenous rights. These responses showed an awareness of the poet’s social and historical context and often projected the visions revealed in the poems onto contemporary Australian society. Most candidates demonstrated a sound understanding of poetic techniques through their analysis of at least two poems. Weaker responses relied on a recount of the poem’s subject matter or a listing of techniques. Film – Baz Luhrmann, Strictly Ballroom

Better responses integrated an insightful and detailed analysis of film techniques, including music, setting and costuming, into a discussion that focused on Luhrmann’s visions of individuality, conformity, competitiveness, persistence and...
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