Australian Rules

Topics: Film, Australia, Emotion Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: May 15, 2010
Ladies and gentleman, the film Australian Rules is simply impossible to overlook as Australia’s entry into the international film everything that a proper ‘Australian’ film should, drama, romance, action and deceit. It portrays cultural differences that create segregation between the fabrics of society in a town that doesn’t possess the capacity to co-exist which is evident in urbanized Australia. My name is ______, and I am taking it upon myself today to tell you, the good people of the Australian Film Board that ‘Australian Rules’ is capable of earning great accolade at the international film competition and doing Australia great favours in the eyes of the international film community. The director, Paul Goldman, has achieved what he feels to be an honest and frank interpretation of our Australian identity through the use and skilful manipulation of several film techniques such as setting, cinematography, characterization, music and symbolism. I will discuss these techniques with you in detail as i continue. The movie is set in Prospect Bay, a remote outpost on the South Australian coast. It is a dry, desolate and unappealing area which is confirmed by the lives lived by the ‘tidy towns’ few residents. The town has been presented in this fashion as it emphasises the true remoteness of the location, and presents the audience with the fact that the characters are not in or even near the city, do not follow the city culture and do not partake in activities in a ‘conventional’ way. The setting in which the movie takes place is of greater importance to the overall message of the film than perhaps anything else. It conveys the message that there is another side to Australia, one which suburbia has not been exposed to. Gary Black, usually referred to as Blacky by his peers, is the kind hearted and idealistic feature character in the film. He is separated from the rest of the community as he is willing to see beyond the barrier of white vs. Black and exist in...
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