Australian Property Law

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d5Torrens Title Lan
Principle of Indefeasibility5
Key Provisions (RP Act)5
Deferred v immediate indefeasibility6
Frazer v Walker 19676
Breskvar v Wall (1971)7
What will attract indefeasibility?8
Mercantile Credits Ltd v Shell Co of Australia Ltd (1976)9
Karacominakis v Big Country Developments (2000)11
Yazgi v Permanent Custodians Ltd (2007)11
Bogdanovic v Koteff (1988)12
Rasmussen v Rasmussen [1995]13
Exceptions to Indefeasibility14
Fraud Exception:15
Loke Yew v Port Swettenham Rubber Co Ltd [1913]15
Assets Co Ltd v Mere Roihi [1905]16
Schultz v Corwill Properties (1969)16
Russo v Bendigo Bank Ltd (1993)17
The In Personam Exception18
Bahr v Nicolay (No 2) (1988)18
Mercantile Mutual Life Insurance Co Ltd v Gosper (1991)20
Vassos v State Bank of South Australia (1993)20
Special equity cases:21
Personal equity and breach of trust:22
Personal Equities and Mistake23
The Register, equitable interests and caveats26
The Register26
Bursill Enterprises Pty Ltd v Berger Bros Trading Co Pty Ltd26
White v Betalli [2007] NSWCA 24327
Equitable interests and unregistered instruments27
Barry v Heider (1914) 19 CLR 19728
The caveat provisions30
Caveatable interest:31
Requirements for caveats:32
Removal of caveat34
Caveats lodges without reasonable cause:34
Bedford properties Pty Ltd v Surgo35
Kerabee park Pty Ltd v Daley [1978]36
Eng Mee Yong v Letchumanan [1980]:36
Competing Equitable interests38
Abigail v Lapin [1934] AC 491.38
Butler v Fairclough (1917)40
Heid v Reliance Finance Corp Pty Ltd (1983)40
J & H Just (Holdings) Pty Ltd v Bank of NSW (1971)41
Moffett v Dillon (1999)43
Protection for the purchaser before registration in New South Wales45
Concurrent ownership47
Joint Tenancy47
Tenancy in Common47
Creation of co-ownership: joint tenancy or tenants in common?48
Creation at law48
Creation in equity48
Malayan Credit Ltd v Jack Chia-MPH Ltd49
Statutory reform49
Torrens title50
Hircock v Windsor Homes (Development No 3) Pty Ltd50
Rights and obligations of co-owners50
Rights of occupation50
Occupation fee51
Biviano v Natoli51
Quantum of the occupation fee52
Ryan v Dries52
Severance of joint tenancy53
Severance by unilateral act53
By alienation to self;55
By declaration of trust;55
Severance by agreement55
Severance following a course of dealing56
Severance following homicide56
Severance by court order57
Severance by bankruptcy57
Termination of co-ownership57
Right of first refusal58
Creation of leases –59
SUBSTANTIVE REQUIREMENTS - Certainty of duration59
SUBSTANTIVE REQUIREMENTS – further exceptions61
Implied yearly tenancies at Common Law64
Implied Leases At Common Law65
Other implied periodic Leases66
Tenancies by estoppel67
Concurrent leases68
Reversionary lease68
Leases – Assignment68
Express covenant68
Assignment of the lease – privity of estate71
Moule v Garrett (1872) Ex.72
Assignment of the reversion73
Re Hunter’s Lease; Giles v Hutchings 919420 Ch (Chancery Division)73
Ashmore Developments Pty Ltd v Eaton (1992 - QLD)74
More things to know74
Leases – Remedies76
Forfeiture of lease by landlord76
Enforcement of the right of re-entry76
No right to forfeit if breach waived77
Forfeiture must be effective78
Moore v Ullcoats Mining Co Ltd (1908) Ch78
Relief against forfeiture79
Stieper v Deviot (1977) BPR (NSW court of appeals)79
Forfeiture and Subleases83
Remedies for Leases pt284
Progressive Mail House v...
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