Australian Migrants in Representations of Poetry

Topics: Australia, Sydney, Immigration Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Are migrants invisible in representations of Australia?
Through the use of visual and written texts, migrants are considered invisible in representations of Australia. They are represented as invisible because of their unique lifestyles and culture they have brought to Australia from their foreign land. Many visual and written texts express their feelings, through confusion of being given a new start, in a new country. A country where the language barrier between a migrant and a native, make this challenge even more taunting. The poem ‘Immigrants at central station’ written by Peter Skrzynecki expresses that migrants are invisible in the representation of Australia. The poet sets a dark and gloomy scene, with many immigrants waiting to begin their new lives at central station, after fleeing the aftermath of war. These new Australians, feel feelings of confusion and anxiety for what lies ahead. But normal Australians see them as one of us, which makes them invisible in Australia. They are unfamiliar with their surroundings, and are unfamiliar with the English language, which leaves them in the shadows of central station, confused on how to begin their new lives in Australia. The poet expresses this in the line: “Watching pigeons, That watched them.”

In this line a comparison between the migrants and pigeons are made. Both of them call Australia home but neither of them can speak the language or communicate to others. However, in this poem emotive language of sympathy is evident towards the immigrants. As the poet uses the train to represent time and the rest of the world, leaving the immigrants behind to stay in the silent and cold night. The visual image ‘Migrants arriving in Sydney,’ describes the emotions felt by the immigrants. As many people come to Australia, ‘The land of opportunities’ many of them feel feelings of excitement, hope, fear and anxiety. All these feelings are evident in this picture as we see the immigrants arriving in Sydney Harbour. In...
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