Australian Identity

Topics: Australia, History of Australia, Europe Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Australia is a country that has been described as diverse, multicultural and unique. Our geography, flora, fauna and cultural history are different to anywhere else, which has definitely captured the attention of the rest of the world. Australian society has evolved in a very short space of time from the earliest convict settlements established in the mid nineteenth century, to the cosmopolitan states that currently exist and attract immigrants from all continents across the globe. Australia’s history has reflected conflict, human rights violations, economic growth and the hardship associated with establishing a refined society in a harsh and primitive landscape. Throughout the various stages of Australian history, Australians have attempted to grab onto an identity that makes them unique and able to bond with another fellow Australian. This has not always been easy, given the diversity that has grown over the centuries. The definition of the true Australian identity has changed over time. One aspect of Australian Identity that is continually misrepresented to the rest of the world is the stereotypical image of the tanned, athletic, easy going, slow talking Australian. It is true that our climate and geography enable Australians to spend leisure time at the beach or outdoors. It is also true that Australians tend to love sport. However, this Anglo Saxon image is far from what the average Australian looks like today. Due to the technological revolution and a lifestyle that includes an abundance of food, many Australians are actually overweight and the bronzed god image simply does not fit most people. The demographics of Australian society in general have also changed over time, as migrants from Europe, Asia and the Middle East have moved the balance from a previously British dominated population. The average Australian could be Asian or European or Anglo-Saxon but would most likely be a mix of a couple of cultures. Therefore, the aspect of appearance cannot be...
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