Australian Identity

Topics: Australia, Nation Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: September 3, 2012
For decades people have contributed to the expansion and change of the Australian identity, however because of Australia’s cultural diversity Australia has come to discover many but one, and be known as a stereotyped nation rather than a nation of identity because we are known for many things but one. The main aspect that contributes greatly to the Australian identity is Australians passion for barbeque which is ironically portrayed in text one where “new Australians “are assessed on their ability to use a barbeque, this in funny in a sense because Australia is stereotyped as a country where everyone owns a barbeque which gives the responder a distorted perception of a surreal test where australians are required to participate in a practical test to display practical citizenship which is a completely different Furthermore this idea is further expressed in text three where a man is cooking something in a fire, this portrays a sense of foundation to the Australian identity, because the text is not from modern times and gives the viewer a sense of identity and history to how the world know BBQ has been shaped over time, from cooking around a fire to what is now nationally recognized as a symbol of the Australian identity which is given and portrayed through symbolism of a well-known thing to all Australian’s. In addition Australia is becoming more and more multicultural diverse each year making it harder and harder to define the Australian identity, in text one this is further expressed through the words “Australian citizenship test” and through the imagery of differently and uniquely dressed people to easily indicate they are from different parts around the world furthermore stressing the fact that many people from many places come to Australia furthermore proving Australians cultural diversity. Furthermore in text 3 this is shown by the use of one man. To our understanding, at that time Australia only consisted of aboriginal or white men and with this text in...
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