Australian Business Law

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2007 Australian Business Law

Australian Business Law


26th Edition
Paul Latimer

South-East Asian Examples updated by Sam Hastings
(originally prepared by Jane Hammond)

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2007 Australian Business Law

These materials are designed for use with 2007 Australian Business Law 26th edition by Paul Latimer. They provide a comparative analysis of the Australian legal position with: • • • • • Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

using the following topical business law subject areas: • • • • • • • • • Concept and sources of law, The courts, Parliament, Government, Crime in the business context, Torts: negligence, Law of contract, Misleading and deceptive conduct, and Property law.

Each country analysis uses the same business law subject areas to allow easy comparisons between jurisdictions, and is cross-referenced to the equivalent subject areas in 2007 Australian Business Law 26th edition. The materials can be used by teachers when preparing teaching materials, or by students when using 2007 Australian Business Law 26th edition. Students should consult these materials after they have familiarised themselves with the Australian legal position as outlined in Australian Business Law. Crossreferences to the relevant Australian Business Law paragraphs are indicated on the title page for each subject area. These materials are provided in Microsoft Word format to allow easy copying and pasting into popular elearning software such as WebCT. To copy and paste these materials, simply: • Highlight the question and/or answer you want to copy by using the mouse to drag the cursor across the relevant text. • To copy the item: o click the Copy icon on the Standard toolbar, or

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2007 Australian Business Law

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