Australia's Unique Flora and Fauna

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Australia’s unique flora and fauna
Australia has over 1 million different native species. Australia’s unique variety of plants and wildlife has evolved as a result of our countries unique conditions. This is a result of Australia’s geographical isolation. From deserts to rainforests, mountains and plains; this environment has created unique animals suited to their environments. As a result: * Australia has 10% of the world’s biodiversity.

* Out of 20,000 species of vascular plants 4 in 5 are found only in Australia. * With over 370 species of mammals 200 are unique to Australia. * Of the 860 plus species of reptiles, 773 cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Flora

As Australia has been isolated for thousands of years unique plants have developed to cope with the harsh and hostile conditions. Characteristics include red, white and yellow flowers and hard leaves. Eucalyptus Tree

The Eucalyptus tree is an iconic feature in Australia’s landscape. It has more than 700 species and the majority are native to Australia. Eucalyptus trees come in all shapes and sizes. Wattle tree

The Wattle Tree is Australia’s floral emblem. It flowers in late winter and spring. They are also referred to as acacias. There are more than 850 species of wattles living in Australia and have a life span from 7 – 12 years. Sturt’s Desert Pea

Sturt’s Desert pea is a native Australian plant that only grows in west and central Australia. It is a well-known plat that is the floral emblem for South- Australia. The colours can range from red, pink and white. Kangaroo Paw

This spectacular plant grows in south- west Australia. The flower opens progressively from the base up into a claw-like shape with six points – it is this shape that gives the Kangaroo Paw its name. This is one of the unique floras in Australia. Wollemi Pine

The Wollemi Pine is one the world’s oldest and rarest trees. They were discovered in 1994 in a remote valley in the Blue Mountains with under 100 trees...
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