Australia a Sporting Nation

Topics: Australia, Olympic Games, 2000 Summer Olympics Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: August 13, 2009
Australia is a well recognized sporting nation with a long, proud history of achievement in many different sports. This is particularly significant because Australia has such a small population. These sporting achievements have led and contributed to were our sporting identity is today.

One moment in Australian sporting history that helped shape Australia’s sporting identity was when Cathy Freeman won gold in the 400-metre sprint. The reason it was significant was because she is the first indigenous female to become a world sprint champion. Her success was rewarded by the Olympic committee who allowed her light the Olympic torch.

Ian Thorpe is also a great example of a person who helped shape Australia’s sporting identity. He put us on the world stage in swimming winning a number of gold medals in the Olympic games and breaking a number of world records.

Another example of a sporting moment that helped shape Australia’s identity was when the socceroos made it in to the world cup. This was a very significant moment in sporting history because it was the first time in years that Australia has been in the world cup. Also because they beat Japan 2 to 1 which was there first ever win in the world cup.

The ashes series is another event that shape australia’s sporting identity, as Australia beat England in the last ashes series 5 games to 0 which was an outstanding performance by all the Australian cricket players.

So those examples of Australia sporting moments show that Australia are a good sporting nation and how our sporting events have helped shaped were our sporting identity is today.
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