Australia Vs. United Arab Emirates

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 8, 2013
Compare and contrast

Australia vs. United Arab Emirates
I have lived in Australia, Melbourne, for 3 years and then moved to Dubai. However, I think Australia is where I belong. United Arab Emirates and Australia are two countries that lack resemblance in each other. Chiefly, Australia is known for its alluring beaches, and dazzling green environment. Unlike UAE, which is known for its great wealth and peculiar beauty. Predominantly, Burj Khalifa the highlight of Dubai. What is similar between Australia and Dubai? Well there aren’t many similarities, but perhaps the tourism sites. Australia’s most visited tourism site is the city Gold Coast, which is located in Queensland. Correspondingly, Dubai the city of United Arab Emirates is also a much visited tourism area, because of its beautiful views and the diversity of things one can do while in Dubai. Moreover, Gold coast is invigorating, it is utterly appealing. The amount of fun one can have there is inevitable. For example, in Gold Coast the best place in my opinion, is movie world. The rides in movie world are prodigious and very entertaining; nevertheless, intimidating. Identically, Dubai is filled with touristic areas. Such as, Wild Wadi, the most visited waterpark in United Arab Emirates. That is why when one visits Dubai and Gold Coast the similarities they will find between these different cities, is the number of tourists in each, and their touristic landmarks. Another common similarity between both countries is that both are very expensive. Although, Australia is much more expensive than United Arab Emirates, both countries remain very costly. It is hard for medium or low class immigrants to settle in both countries, because they might not afford certain needs for human satisfaction. Food in Australia is overpriced, such as burgers, they cost nearly triple the price of burgers in any other country. Likewise, restaurants in Dubai sell one water bottle for 10 dirhams, which in my opinion is bizarre....
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