Australia Federal Election 2013 Campaign Proposal

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MECO 6912 Political Public Relations

Campaign Proposal

23 August 2013

Group 1

1. Name: Alicia Jess Bok Mei Jian

2. Name: Zhang Xueting

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryPg. 4 - 5

Selection of Candidate Pg. 4

Overview of CandidatePg. 5

Brief History of PartyPg. 5

Situation Analysis Pg. 6 - 10

GoalPg. 6

Campaign Objectives Pg. 6

Relationship of Advocates Pg. 7

Strategy Pg. 8 - 12

Target Audience Pg. 12Tactics Pg. 13

BudgetPg. 14

TimelinePg. 14

Monitoring and Evaluation Pg. 15

Measurement of SuccessPg. 15


This proposal is to design and strategize a Public Relations plan in maximizing the success of a candidate to being elected in parliament for Australia’s Federal Election 2013. The timeframe of this campaign is approximately three weeks.

Selection of Candidate

The selection of Peter Boyle and his Party, the Socialist Alliance as our “client” in running for Sydney Inner City’s seat was based on the ideals and principals that we relate to and support personally.

We found the email address at the Socialist Alliance’s website and sent an email explaining that we are University of Sydney students and that we would like to volunteer and help out in Peter Boyle’s Campaign. A number of phone calls and messages later, a meeting date was set to discuss in more detail of the campaign. We met Peter Boyle on 7 August 2013 in his office and after explaining that we would like to shadow and volunteer in the media aspects on his campaign, he was happy to collaborate with us.

This concluded the success of selecting and working with Sydney’s Inner City Federal Election Candidate, Peter Boyle.

Overview of Candidate
Peter Boyle is a national co-convenor of the Socialist Alliance and has been a socialist activist since the early 1970s when he radicalised around war, race and class issues after his family migrated to Australia from Malaysia. He remains involved in solidarity work with the Bersih democracy movement in Malaysia. Peter writes regularly for the newspaper Green Left Weekly and has had a long involvement with the Aboriginal rights movement. He has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Brief history of Party
The Socialist Alliance was founded in 2001 by the Democratic Socialist Perspective and the International Socialist Organization, with six other founding socialist organisations. It is an alliance of socialist organizations and individuals in Australia. The largest group left wing group in Australia has branches in all states combined with federal electoral registrations as well.

The socialism structure is based on five principles of:
1. Solidarity and Collaboration – Not “Dog eat Dog” competition and rivalry 2. Environmental Sustainability – Living in harmony with the planet 3. Participatory Democracy – not just voting for “representatives” every three years 4. Social Economy – putting people’s need before corporate profit 5. True Equality – between people, nations, religions and the sexes


Funds are needed for media coverage, video production, as well as printing of posters and flyers. More volunteers are also needed for distribution of flyers, street demonstrations and helping out in events.

While Peter Boyle’s election campaign has in place, the vital modes of new media publicity such as regularly updated Facebook posts, website articles, Twitter and Youtube TV channel, there is a lack of presence in the mainstream media due to a insufficient funds.


To maximise the potential of Peter Boyle’s chances of winning a seat in Australia’s Federal Election 2013 for Sydney Inner City.

Campaign Objectives

1. To get the electorate of Sydney,...
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