Australia's Relationship with Britain in 1914

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Australia’s Relationship with Britain in 1914

In 1914, Australia and Britain maintained a strong allegiance for both political and personal reasons. Australia demonstrated loyalty to the Great British Empire as Britain was, in terms of land covered, the largest Empire the world had ever seen. An allegiance with this great empire had many political advantages including benefits with defence and trade. The general public had a varied opinion in relation to the allegiance. Many supported the Government and wanted to show loyalty to Britain, the nation they still considered their home, where as many frowned upon Britain and wanted to prove that Britain was not inferior to Australia.

In 1914, the British Empire was the largest Empire in the world and also the largest in history. At the time, the British Empire ruled over an areas of over11,400,000 square miles and England was one of the most advancing countries with technology and socio-economics. Australia was a young, British oriented country with a small population who needed a stronger country to provide all kinds of support. Australia wanted to show it’s loyalty to Britain in order to assure that strong allegiance. An example of this is when Australia went to war with Britain in 1914 as a demonstration of their loyalty.

There were many advantages to this allegiance. Firstly, if ever the need be that Australia faced a military threat, Britain would provide defence. Secondly, Britain and Australia could maintain a strong trade relationship, which enabled Australia to make agreements which boosted it’s economy. Australia also had a major income from exporting to Britain from products such as wool and wheat. The allegiance benefited Australians as British lowered export tariffs and saw Australian products as a first choice when it came to importing. Finally, most Australians were of British descent so the Australian Government followed its people and the allegiance allowed the continuation of literature,...
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