Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Topics: Auschwitz concentration camp, Nazi concentration camps, Extermination camp Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Imagine that you were a 14 year old Jewish girl riding with your family and hundreds of other Jews and Gypsies packed into one tiny railroad car. You stop at an unfamiliar place were a man is screaming at you to get out. You have to watch your step getting out of the railcar because there are already dead people on the floor who passed on the trip here. Once you are out you are separated from your family, woman on one side men on the other. Kids are franticly screaming as they are being torn apart from there mothers, fathers, and siblings. You never see your parents again because they headed towards the gas chambers. This is what first happened when you came to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Auschwitz was established in early World War II in Oswiecim, Poland. The camp is considered one of the worst in the holocaust because of the conditions, the daily routines, and the punishments. Conditions at the camp were unbearable and extremely unsanitary. In Auschwitz I (the main camp) the prisoners slept in brick- built barracks. Originally they slept on the floor but as the camp became more populated they installed 2 and 3-tier bunk beds. In Auschwitz II (the extermination camp) the prisoners lived in brick or wooden huts. The people had to get on all fours to enter the hut because it was so small. Also, they would cram tons of people into one hut. Disease spread like a wildfire through the camp, people would become sick with Typhus, Typhoid, Beriberi, and MANY other diseases. A typical prisoner’s daily routine would go like this: they wake up at 4:30 in the morning to the sound of a gong ringing through the camp. If a prisoner didn’t get up fast enough a guard would come and beat them until they got up. After a breakfast of half a cup of warm liquid you were moved out to go work. Slave labor meant working in factories, mines, farming operations, and construction doing the worst jobs such as excavation and brick/ rock...
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