Aurora Goddess

Topics: Eos, Sun, Love Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: May 9, 2012
I am Eos Goddess of the Dawn and to you I will share my story. I am the dawn of time and worshiped by the ancient people whose myths are lost in time itself. As the Greeks saw the sun as male, I was intended to be transformed in to the female Goddess who services the needs of a Gods or mortals. Certainly one who would serve the Gods would be of un-comparable beauty and youth as I am. I have wings of pure white adorning my back; my robes are of reds, golds and saffron. I have been called the Goddess of lust, being an aphrodisiac, none can resist. Funny in my transformation of a Goddess who lights the way for a God I was dressed to please. I am known as eternal youth and renewal. My brilliance lights the morning sky announcing the suns return and a new day. It is said my "job as the colors of the dawn" is to open the gates of heaven that my brother Helios may ride his chariot across the sky and bring the fullness that only the sun can bring. In other myths it is Apollo who follows in his chariot. It matters not who follows for this is my story and I shall tell my story, my way. It is I who brings the sun. The blanket of reds, oranges and pinks that spread across the wakening sky is the brilliance of my chariot drawn by my beloved horses Lampus and Phaethon. It is I who paints the sky in soft colors to the blinding brilliance of the sun. Yes the Gods may follow but it is I who lights the way for them to hold court with the other Gods, be it on Mt Olympus, the Heavens or the Apennine Mountains the Etruscans bow to. Even in myths concealed in your modern bible in the book of Revelations, I am called "the Woman Clothed in Sun". My story again told as the Virgin Mary bringing forth the Son of God - the light of the world. Mary wore orange-red robes & a golden veil, all dyed of saffron, and unveiled her only to the wise. The Virgin Mary, Mother of the light-bringer that banishes ignorance. Never doubt when you see her face in the temples built for a God, it is I you...
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