Aunty Kath

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Kath is a dedicated mother and aunty who fights through her grief and remains a role model throughout the whole saga to her son and niece, but at the same time finds it difficult to forgive Daniel for how his irresponsible behaviour has affected her son, Fin. Kath proves her dedication when she moved from Mumbilli because her son, “was now like a baby” (p189) and needed better facilities than what Mumbilli could provide. However, Kath is not only a dedicated mother but she also plays an important component in Kylie’s life. Consequently, as Kath explained “she’d love to” (p91), it is to Kath who Kylie turns to for help when Tom has eaten her science project. However, Kath’s failure to forgive Daniel for his actions quickly becomes the fuel of many confrontations between Tess and herself. Many harsh comments spill out in these conflicts: most notably when Kath sharply points out to Tess that “Fin can’t even turn his neck to see his back” (p154). With most of Kath’s venom aimed at Tess, it is definitely noticed that “the air becomes icy when Kath and Tess are near each other” (p193). Kath sacrifices and at the same time goes above and beyond to help her extended family in her effort to remain resilient in her time of adversity. Although the topic of Daniels actions the night of the accident fuel harsh conflicts between Kath and Tess, every one eventually learns that people deal with grief uniquely and that persisting together is the best way to move forward.
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