Auguste Comte

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Auguste Comte

Auguste Comte was very much influenced by science. During his time was the unfolding of the scientific revolution because of the many scientific discoveries. Positivism is the attitude which Auguste Comte pursue in his philosophy, which has something to do with science. Positivism claims that science has the answers to every question of any matters. Thus it argues that what science does has no answer does not exist. And thus it disapproves the existence of the Christian God because He has no account in the field of science. Auguste Comte speaks of “the law three stages.” The first is the theological stage. In the history, humanity began to have the concept of God as transcendental. He is believed to be divine, who is above mankind and is responsible for every occurrence of events. The second is the metaphysical stage, wherein the concept of God as divine is replaced into an objective God. Then the third, the positivistic or scientific stage. As humanity continues to flourish in the course of time, science is founded which has all the account to the material objects, so then the previous concepts about God has been abandoned.

God has no explanation in the field of science. Thus, positivism disregards the belief of God as theological and metaphysical. But still, there can be God according to the positivists. A God which is not theological and metaphysical, and that is Humanity. For humanity is accountable in science, positivists claims it their God than that of the God who is has no scientific basis. Thus humanity replaces the theological and metaphysical God. Because of this, Auguste Comte made a religion, the religion of humanity, wherein instead of God, humanity is the Supreme Being. Reflection:

The Presumption of Humanity
There has been a very big advancement in science. The whole world today is dominated of the technologies of science. This is very evident every new technologies introduced to us. Science continues to mould...
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