Augustan Age

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What is an Augustan Age?
A period which is considered the most important and productive for the high forms of literary expression it produces. Every national Literature has its “Augustan Age”: Corneille, Racine, Molière in France; in the Roman Empire: Virgil, Ovid, Horace. The name Augustan derives from Emperor Augustus.

1688 – James II is removed from the throne:Glorious Revolution 1776 – America declared its indipendence from England


Module 1: The Augustan Age




Module 1: The Augustan Age


The period reflects the English social changes about
– – – - economy - culture - literature

and is characterised by: - development of the poetry: irony, satire and meditation lead to a breach with the metaphisical tradition; - rise of the novel: it became the most important literary expression of the bourgeoisie and middle class; - pamphlets and periodicals.


Literary Style
In prose:


- Clarity and simplicity of expression - Ordinary people represented with formal realism: people, places and objects were described in detail In poetry:

Main writers

The main features are: RELATION WITH NATURE: The Augustan writers followed nature and its IDEALS OF - HARMONY - a way of life, man’s behaviour among other people and in relation with God

laws, they represented the world and the individual characteristic of man; nature and reality could be known through individual experience and senses.

- Use of poetic diction = presence of uncommon and learned words - very frequent use of inversion and personification - Latinized construction and vocabulary - frequent and often exaggerated use of apostrophe. Two important consequences:


- idea of perfection and simplicity, based on the Neo classical ideals of shape and elegance -...
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