Augusta National Golf Course

Topics: Masters Tournament, Men's major golf championships, Golf Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: May 5, 2005
Golf is the ultimate battle between man and nature. It is a beautiful sport in which dreams come true and hearts are broken. Man is challenged on every stroke by nature's elements. Wind and rain are only a few of the conditions that affect this great game. Undulating hills, sand bunkers, thick rough, and even creeks and ponds come into play on most golf courses. These features are fierce at Augusta National Golf Course. Located along the fall line, the natural beauty of the region is the perfect complement to this championship golf course. Every spring when the flowers are in full bloom, Augusta plays host to The Masters Championship and is transformed into the Mecca of Golf.

The main reason Augusta National is the greatest American golf course comes from its natural beginnings. Originally the property the golf course stands on was Fruitland Nurseries. From 1858 until 1918 this company imported many trees and plants from around the world to decorate the landscape. Golfing legend Bobby Jones discovered this land after retiring in 1930 and chose it as the location for his dream golf course. To pay homage to the ground's history, every hole is named for a different plant found on each hole. Robert Tyre Jones, Jr. was the greatest golfer of his time. He was only 28 when he retired from competitive golf, but had won an amazing 13 major golf championships in both the United States and Great Britain during his brief career. After retiring he redefined the art of course architecture. He would utilize the natural advantages of the property and use mounds rather than adding too many bunkers and put into play the natural creeks as water hazards. Jones wanted this concept of golf course architecture to make a contribution to the game as well as give expression to his ideas about golf design. Bobby Jones came out of retirement only to play annually in the Masters. He never won it, but other greats have defined their careers by capturing the Green Jacket....
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