Augmented Service Offering

Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Customer service Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 14, 2013
This summary will focus into IDEO’s five-stage framework for designing and piloting radical innovation service. The summary will also explain augmented service offering model.

Today, the marketplace is constantly evolving. Innovation is the name of the game. There is a constant need for organisations to keep on innovating but rarely do you see any innovative new service in the marketplace. Why are these innovations rare? Lack of ideas isn’t a problem cause they are in abundance. The main problem seems to be in executing these ideas. (James & Samalionis, 2008, p.20).

IDEO has developed a five-stage framework, which has helped them in collaborating with companies to design and pilot radical innovation services. The five stages can be described as first, develop insight about the market. It is very important to get insights about the marketplace. Knowing your customers, business models; market landscapes and technology can gain insights about the marketplace. After you get the insights, it’s important how you use those insights. (James & Samalionis, 2008, p.22). Second, create radical value propositions. Radical innovations are all about stepping away from current service and offering new services. Collaboration between front line personnel and executive can help gain insights about customer needs. After gaining some ideas it’s important to prototype these service propositions in order to stretch the organizational mindset. Quick, low cost prototypes should be shared with the customers, experts and stakeholder as it can encourage decision-making that a paper description can never do (James & Samalionis, 2008, p.24). Brown (2008) during his seminar stressed on importance of prototyping. He also spoke about role-play, which is interacting with the experience to understand customer’s mindset during service. Role-play is an empathy tool and prototyping tool.. Formative research should also be conducted on prototypes as to check its desirability,...

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