"Augmented Reality" Research Paper/Essay

Topics: Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Ivan Sutherland Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Augmented reality can be defined as a composite or an illusive view of the physical world created by computer generated information, images and graphics.

How did it start? Well it was first initiated by Morton Heilig who was an American cinematographer and philosopher. He experienced with the help of a partner and developed the “sensorama” from 1957 to 1962. The “sensorama” consisted of a big bulky device shaped like an arcade game in which the player has to sit and it gave him the experience of riding a motorcycle in a 3d virtual view of the world. He felt the wind blowing on their face, the vibration of the seat and even different smells of the city. He combined visual image, breeze and vibrations altogether to come up with the idea of creating “The Cinema of the Future”. He was then named “The Father of Virtual Reality”.

Later on, came Ivan Sutherland who was a computer scientist and a professor at Harvard University. He invented the “sword of Damocles” device along with his student Bob Sproull. It was the first augmented reality head-mounted display system, suspended from the ceiling and the user observed computer simulated graphics. He was referred to as the “Father or Computer Graphics”.

Minor developments have continued to occur until the 1990s, when an Australian Multimedia Artist named Julie Martin brought the concept of “Virtual Reality” to television, and then researcher/designer Tom Caudell gave the term “Augmented Reality” or “AR”.

In 1997, a publisher know as Ronald Azuma writes a book in which he studies the diverse usage of it in the fields of Medicine, Industrial design, Military, Navigation, sports and all sorts of entertainment.

Furthermore, in late 2000 a research-professor named Hirokazu Kato Developed the ARToolKit which is an application that allows you to combine virtual graphics with the real life. It uses video tracking to overlap computer graphics on a video camera. The 3d virtual character appears to be standing on a...
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