Augmented Reality Browser

Topics: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed reality Pages: 10 (3035 words) Published: September 28, 2011
MAE QUEST 2011: Augmented Reality Browser

Augmented Reality Browser
Jinesh Patel Amit Narwal

Department of ComputerEngineering, Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, Alandi, Pune-412105, India.

Augmented Reality Browser enables the enhancement of real world objects with digital information. It includes various types of engaging experiences, complete with interactive and immersive features like 3D objects and animation. Location- based layers help users to find nearby locations, including cafes, shops and other businesses, as well as historical locations and monuments. This paper surveys the field of Augmented Reality, in which 3-D virtual objects are integrated into a 3-D real environment in real time. It describes the, visualization, path planning and entertainment fieldsthat have been explored. This paper describes the characteristics of Augmented Reality systems. Future directions and areas requiring further research are discussed. This survey provides a starting point for anyone interested in researching or using Augmented Reality.

Keywords-Augmented Reality, Real-world
interface, Technique Mobile App, Interaction

1. Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality (AR) is a growing area in virtual reality research. The world environment around us provides a wealth of information that is difficult to duplicate in a computer. This is evidenced by the worlds used in virtual environments. Either these worlds are very simplistic such as the environments created for immersive entertainment and games, or the system that can create a more realistic environment has a huge price tag such as flight simulators. An augmented reality system generates a composite view for the user. It is a combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information. In all those applications the augmented reality presented to the user enhances that person's performance in and perception of the world. The ultimate goal is to create a system such

MAE QUEST 2011: Augmented Reality Browser

that the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it. To the user of this ultimate system it would appear that he is looking at a single real scene. Why is Augmented Reality an interesting topic? Why is combining real andvirtual objects in 3-D useful? Augmented Reality enhances a user's perception of andinteraction with the real world. The virtual objects display information that the usercannot directly detect with his own senses. The information conveyed by the virtualobjects helps a user perform realworld tasks. AR is a specific example of what FredBrooks calls Intelligence Amplification (IA): using the computer as a tool to make atask easier for a human to perform.[1] At least six classes of potential AR applications have been explored: medicalvisualization, maintenance and repair, annotation, robot path planning, entertainment,and military aircraft navigation and targeting. The next section describes work thathas been done in each area. While these do not cover every potential application areaof this technology, they do cover the areas explored so far.

this definition. First, this virtual environment is a computer generated threedimensional scene which requires high performance computer graphics to provide an adequate level of realism. The second point is that the virtual world is interactive. A user requires real-time response from the system to be able to interact with it in an effective manner. The last point is that the user is immersed in this virtual environment. One of the identifying marks of a virtual reality system is the head mounted display worn by users. These displays block out the entire external world and present to the wearer a view that is under the complete control of the computer. The user is completely immersed in an artificial world and becomes...

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