Augmented Product

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Dimension Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Outline the concept of the augmented product.
Apply and evaluate the concept to a brand of your choice.

The concept of the augmented product tries to show how the overall view of the product and brand by fragmenting it into separate dimensions. Corey (1975) describes it as “the product is the total package of benefits that the customer receives when he buys.” There are 3 dimensions; core, tangible and intangible. Through these dimensions the product can be differentiated from competitors and can highlight areas which could be expanded upon or capitalised on. The core product is the tangible features of the product, such as function, design, price and features, which can be easily imitated by competitors. The core product focuses on the generic and functional aspects of a product. The tangible dimension which is sometimes referred to as the service dimension focuses on aspects such as pre and after-sales service, installation and delivery, warranty and advice. The intangible dimensions of the augmented product are the elements of the product or brand as they are perceived by the customer, for example, the reputation, the corporate image and the value perceptions of the brand. It is this third dimension which deals with the issue of brand sustainability. The issue of brand sustainability is particularly important as de Chernatony, Harris and Dall’Olmo Reily (2000) noted “core brand values are sustainable buy physical brand values may not be... the symbolic and emotional meaning of the brand endures, (physical) attributes may not”. The concept of the augmented product has evolved over time. Some critics such as Levitt argue that The augmented product has arisen due to the “conditions of a mature market or a sophisticated customer” (Levitt, ). Customers now wanted added value to make their purchase worthwhile. Whether this is in the form of extra benefits, a better offering than competitors or even brand personality. The augmented product can be used to...
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