audit seminar wk 8

Topics: Computer security, Employment, Authorization, Authentication, Expense, Salary / Pages: 3 (587 words) / Published: Apr 6th, 2014

Implication 1
No monitoring or supervisions of the clocking in process. This means that employees can abuse the system as proven by the worker caught clocking in his colleagues. This means that employees are being paid for work they are not doing. This will increase the payroll expense as more hours will be needed to complete the same level of work. It could also push back targets, with the possibility that it could cause delays in Chuck Industries shipping out products to customers. It may also lower morale in among employees who work hard and follow company protocols, if they see colleagues getting away with abusing the system, they may decide to follow suit. There is also the possibility that colleagues could be clocking each other out hours after leaving work, to try and get unauthorised overtime, increasing the payroll spend for the company

Recommendation 1
The clocking in and out procedure should be monitored with either a security camera system of by a suitable supervisor who will ensure that employees will not sign in other co-workers. This could be backed up by a security guard at the gates to the company with a signing/ swiping in and out system for employees arriving and leaving the site. Then a control could be implemented to cross reference the clocking in times and dates with the entering and leaving records for a sample of employees every month to make sure that no employes are abusing the system. The employee caught clocking in other members of staff should be disciplined accordingly and the rest of the staff reminded of the companies stance on such behaviour along with the procedures that they all have to follow when clocking in and out. Any overtime worked should be checked to ensure it was authorised before payment is made.

Implication 2
Wage calculations are not checked before being paid to employees. There could be a number of errors that will go by unnoticed as there are no controls in place. There could be transposition

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