Audit Questionnaire

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Risk, Evaluation Pages: 5 (1326 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Audit questionnaire
* Does your policy indicate how safety management is organised? * Is it communicated to others in the department?
* How do you help staff understand their health and safety responsibilities? * Is there a health and safety training plan?
* Have staff had safety training?
* How is information on hazards and risks communicated?
Planning and implementation
* How are hazards and risks identified and assessed?
* Is there a plan setting objectives, responsibilities and timescale? * How has this plan been acted on?
* How do you undertake monitoring? E.g. inspections, individual reporting * How do you undertake reactive monitoring E.g. accident and incident reporting? * Explain your arrangements for taking remedial action.

* Interview Question: Has there been a situation at home or within the work place where you have observed a potential safety risk that no one else seemed to consider? If so, how did you rectify the situation? * Answer Guide: A candidate should have the capability and confidence to independently assess environmental or safety risks. They should also have self-assurance to state his opinion and have good decision making skills.

Interview Question: You are aware that your current work place does not have the most modern or effective safety equipment available. Does this bother you and/or how do you handle this situation? Answer Guide: The candidate should be not intimidated where issues of health and safety are concerned. They should be capable of expressing a desire to acquire it.

A: DEPARTMENT: High Risk e.g. a science department
1a Is the HoD aware of the University's health and safety policy? 1b Is the HoD aware of his/her responsibilities in respect of health and safety? 1c Is the HoD aware of the University Manual of Safety?

1d Is the HoD aware of the contents of the above manual and understands the reasons for circulating such a document? 2 DEPARTMENTAL SAFETY MEETINGS
2a Does the department have a safety committee or forum where health and safety is discussed? 2b Does the committee have a formalised timetable of meetings each academic year? 2c Are minutes or notes kept of discussions undertaken at each meeting? 2d Are all categories of staff represented at the meetings?

3a Is there an identified senior member of staff to co-ordinate health and safety matters? 3b Does the Area Safety Officer meet the Head of Department on a regular basis? 3c Has the Area Safety Officer received any formal training on health and safety? 4 DEPARTMENTAL INSPECTIONS

4a Are departmental safety inspections undertaken?
4b Are the members of the inspection team given or have sufficient authority to ensure identified hazards are controlled? 4c Do the department inspections have a formal timetable?
4d Are inspection records maintained?
5a Does the department have it's own health and safety policy statement? 5b Has the department identified significant hazards in respect of its activities? 5c Does the department have written rules and regulations relating to it's activities, e.g. a safety handbook ? 6 COMMUNICATION

6a Is relevant health and safety information circulated to all affected staff and students? 7 ACCIDENTS
7a Are all accidents and incidents recorded?
7b Are the causes of accidents investigated?
7c Are work related incidents of ill-health recorded and investigated? 7d Are all accidents and work related incidents of ill-health notified to the University Safety Office? 8 TRAINING
8a Is health and safety training available for staff?
8b Is health and safety training available for students?
8c Is there a formal training programme for students on machinery and associated equipment? 8d Is there a formal training programme for students in the use of hazardous substances and laboratory equipment? 8e Do students and...
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