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Guideline for capstone assignment
Rudolf M¨ller
Director of Bachelor Programmes
August 3, 2009



In the study guide on ELEUM it says: The Bachelor thesis in the form of a capstone assignment concludes year 3 of the Bachelor’s programme. The capstone assignment is an individual assignment of 4 ECTS. The aim is to demonstrate your mastery of domain of study in an assignment that integrates your acquired knowledge and skills. This guideline gives a detailed description of organizational aspects and explains what matters for a good capstone assignment. Thanks to Boris Blumberg from the Department of Organization, whose slides provided the basis for this text.

The legal status of this document is as follows. It is at the discretion of capstone coordinators to announce additional or refined requirements on, or communicate such requirements in an early stage to registered students. If coordinators do not make use of this option it means that they agree with this guideline.


Organizational issues

Select a topic. The first step towards a capstone assignment is to select a topic. Topics can be found on as part of the list of skills in period 3 and 6. You can register only for topics listed in the skills period in which you want to hand-in your capstone assignment. You have to register for the capstone by the same deadline as you have to register for the corresponding skills period. The topic of choice should be consistent with the choice of major (IB/IBE) and elective (IES) or study programme (Infonomics); you can only write a capstone assignment in a certain field if you have at least taken a minor (2 courses) in that field (IB/IBE), or the track-related course (IES). Note that beginning of May the capstone assignments for the following academic year will already be visible on Therefore, if you consult for getting details about your assignment in period 6, make sure that...
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