Audiovisual Translation Definition

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Since ancient times humans have developed their own languages in many ways. Oral, written, sign languages have helped us to communicate all over the world. But because the difference of our nations, people approached the idea to create separate languages in every land or country. Therefore, they had to accomplish a new task – translate one language into another. When this goal was reached, audiovisual translation emerged. The aim in this essay is to define audiovisual translation. In order of this task I have to research this term in three different sources and with the help of these terms, formulate the new definition from my point of view. To begin with, Juan José Martínez-Sierra, an academic at University de Valencia, considers audiovisual translation from two perspectives. He defines it as “translation of text that (1) is transmitted through two simultaneous and complementary channels (acoustic and visual) and (2) combines several signifying codes.” (Martínez-Sierra 2008: 29) Eleonora Fois, Doctor of Philosophy in University of Cagliari, explains that there are several forms of audiovisual translation – subtitling and dialogue adaptations, voice-overs, narrations, commentary’s - and that it “entails an operation on linguistic features – lines and dialogues – of an audiovisual product, to facilitate its distribution in a wider market.” (Fois 2012: 4) Finally, Barbara Majcenovic Kline, from University of Maribor, states that audiovisual translation may not have been discussed much until recently when the importance of this kind of communication has grown. She considers that audiovisual (or multimedia) translation is “an accumulation of written, audio and visual channels. Multimedia translation thus implies not only film (and before that cinema) translation, but also radio and video media, theater, comics and today more modern on-line and off-line products and services (such as web pages, CD-roms, DVDs,...

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