Audio Signal Transmission

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Audio Signal transmission and
Computer interfacing

Submitted by :ARS

It gives me immense pleasure to present my project that was done at RaneTRW, Power Steering Systems Ltd through this report. The project was conducted in a structured framework under the guidance of engineers working in the Gear Assembly section of (PR & P division). The Gear Assembly section containing six assembly lines that have the capable of simultaneously assembling and testing gear components is at a distance of 70m (approx) from the HR division. Complaints and queries arising in the Assembly section require to be addressed to the HR division as soon as possible. In order to do that, a transmitter and receiver set up required to be created. This enables the transmission of complaints in the form of audio signals which is to be recorded at the reception end for later retrieval. The report gives a detailed description of the steps involved in choice of mode of transmission, creation of a transmitter and receiver set up and computer interfacing done at the HR division. With this report, I intend to share the knowledge that I acquired during my project work. I have made a sincere attempt to make this report a simple, informative and useful one. I thank one and all for making this project a successful endeavor.


• Aim
• Introduction
• Modes of transmission
• Mode selection
• The Design in stages
• Working model analysis
• Scope for improvement

Aim of the project

To create a transmitter and receiver set up which enables transmission of a complaint in the form of an audio signal over a distance of 80 m. The signal obtained at the receiver end must be interfaced with the help of a computer so as to facilitate the storage and later retrieval of the transmitted data.

Introduction to the communication process

Communication is the process of sending information to oneself or another entity. Specialized fields focus on various aspects of communication, and include Mass Communication, Communication Studies, Organizational Communication, Sociolinguistics, Conversation Analysis, Cognitive Linguistics, Linguistics, Pragmatics, Semiotics, and Discourse Analysis.

The wide range of theories about communication makes summarization difficult. However, a basic model of communication describes communication as a five-step output-input process that entails a sender's creation (or encoding) of a message, and the message's transmission through a channel or medium. This message is received and then interpreted. Finally this message is responded to, which completes the process of communication. This model is based on a model of signal transmission known as the Shannon-Weaver model. A related model can be seen in the work of Roman Jacobson. Communication mediums can be broadly classified into two. Analog telecommunications include traditional Telephony, radio, and TV broadcasts whereas digital telecommunications allow for computer-mediated communication, telegraphy, and computer networks.

Modes of transmission of audio signals

In the following given case, complaints are said to be registered in the form of audio signals. The transmission, storage and handling of these audio signals is also known as Audio signal processing. Audio signal processing, sometimes referred to as audio processing, is the processing of a representation of auditory signals, or sound. The representation can be digital or analog. An analog representation is usually electrical. A voltage level represents the air pressure waveform of the sound. Similarly, a digital representation expresses the pressure wave-form as a sequence of symbols, usually binary numbers,...

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