Audience-Centered Public Speakers

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Ayotunde Akinbote CRQ15&6.
Why must a public speaker be audience-centered? Good speakers are audience centered, you must be audience centered to keep the audience’s attention. What does it mean to say that people are egocentric? What implications does the egocentrism of audiences hold for you as a public speaker? When pay closest attention to messages that affect their own values, beliefs, and well-being. It implies that your audience will have already judged you. What are the six demographic traits of audiences discussed in this chapter? Why is each important to audience analysis? Age, gender, sex, racial ethnicity, cultural background, and group membership. You want to know how the audience will respond to your speech, so your speech will be successful. What is situational audience analysis? What factors do you need to consider in situational audience analysis? Audience analysis that focuses on situational factors such as the size of the audience, the physical setting for the speech, and the disposition of the audience toward the topic, the speaker, and the occasion. Size, physical setting, disposition of topics. How can you get information about an audience? By observation or conversation , and even questionnaires What are the three kinds of questions used in questionnaires? Why is it a good idea to use all three in audience analysis? Fixed-alternative questions, scale questions, and open-ended questions. Because each type of question has its advantages and disadvantages, What methods can you use to adapt your speech to your audience before the speech? During the speech? Modify your introduction, adjust your delivery. Ch.15

What are the four types of informative speeches discussed in the chapter? Give an example of a good specific purpose statement for each type. Speeches about objects, speeches about processes, speeches about events, and speeches about concepts. Why must informative speakers be careful not to overestimate what the audience...
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