Audie Murphy

Topics: Audie Murphy, Distinguished Service Cross, World War II Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: August 26, 2013
World War two was the greatest of all wars ever fought on this earth, with millions of men from every corner of the planet fighting for the cause that they felt right. Out of all of these men from this war and arguably any war Audie Murphy is the greatest. Born the seventh out of twelve children to a sharecropping family on June 20th 1924, all Audie wanted to do in life was “to be somebody” (Gale). To do this Audie had to fight against the odds his entire life on to his way to becoming one of America’s most recognized and cherished people during and after the War. One of the reasons Audie was such an icon to the rest of America, is because at the end of the day he was just an ordinary boy. Even before the war, at the age fifteen in 1939 Audie dropped out of school to help support his family. The year after that his father left his family making him the man of the house, only to have his mother die when he was seventeen in 1941. These events would cause most men to break but this just drove Audi into trying to help the cause at war, to make himself somebody. At first he did not succeed in enlisting being only five foot five inches and a hundred and twelve pounds none of the branches of the armed forces would accept him. Eventually on the 30th of June 1942 the US Army accepted him, placing him in company B, 1st battalion, and 15th infantry regiment of the 3rd division. After extensive training in Africa he was in part of the invasion of Italy, after his first contact with the enemy he said “Ten seconds after the first shot was fired at me by an enemy soldier, combat was no longer glamorous, " Then later saying "But it was important, because all of a sudden I wanted very much to stay alive" (Gale). This represents very well of how America’s youth, though ready felt with their first taste of war. Out of all the times that Audie went above the call in which he was asked to during his time at war, there were two instances in which he proved to everyone that...

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