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Audi is a manufacturer of exquisite cars ?attractive, sophisticated and technically perfect. Our success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. The wishes and emotions of our customers are the guiding principle behind our approach. We strive to lead the way with our innovations, and to set new standards which substantiate our brand claim of "Vorsprung durch Technik".

"Vorsprung durch Technik" is more than simply an engaging slogan; it encapsulates Audi's ambitions in developing cars. The perpetual challenge is to question existing concepts and adopt innovative approaches. quattro permanent four-wheel drive and the Audi Space Frame ASF are just two notable examples. The Audi model range includes other outstanding features, too. Choose your continent or country to find out more about the models and equipment available in your country.

Production Location
The Volkswagen Group was the first German car manufacturer to be active in the Chinese market, becoming involved at a very early stage, and is represented there by two very successful joint ventures. Audi's good position in the Chinese market is the result of a successful partnership stretching back to 1989, initially taking the form of the joint-venture project with the Chinese First Automobile Works (FAW) to build the Audi 100, and Audi's inclusion in the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture for production of the Audi 200. These developments paved the way for the successful market entry of the Audi A6. The A6 is the first current premium-class model to be specifically modified for the Chinese market and built there. China is already one of AUDI AG's principal export markets. Audi products are now a common sight on roads all over the country. The Chinese government travels in cars of the Audi brand as its official government limousines. Audi is the market leader in China's premium segment.

Audi has many years of experience with these technology
Audi Space Frame ASF

Audi Corporate Culture
Pioneering technology and designs that repeatedly set new standards. Plus a century of tradition. Read about the evolution of a company that has shaped automotive history and find out more about the philosophy behind the design and technology. You will come to understand why the Audi brand can justifiably claim a heritage of "Vorsprung durch Technik" Design

Design culture at Audi is the challenge not simply to give a product shape, but to make it the very image of the brand. Audi's clear and confident design language exudes sportiness, dynamism and elegance. No matter whether you look at the car from the outside or on the inside, it is a perfect whole ?and an Audi down to the tiniest detail. Tradition

The evolution of a company that has shaped automotive history. Audi is one of Germany's oldest-established automobile manufacturers. Since 1932 the Audi emblem has been the ‘four rings? which stand for its amalgamation with DKW, Horch and Wanderer to form Auto Union AG in Chemnitz, which then adopted this badge. It supplied the widest range of passenger vehicles that German industry could offer in the 1930s ?from motorcycle to luxury saloon. Technology

Technical refinement at Audi is an ongoing process which results in even higher standards. All vehicles bearing the four rings of the Audi badge have one thing in common: progressive technology. These are the result of creativity, know-how and a tradition of always striving for something better. And that's exactly what you'll feel in every Audi: top performance and pure driving pleasure.

Another Key Milestone for Audi in China
The 100,000th Audi A6 produced in Changchun
Audi set yet another key milestone in China, with the production of the 100,000th Audi A6 at its plant in Changchun. The Audi A6 was introduced in September 1999, and was the first luxury brand sedan produced in China. The success of the Audi A6, illustrated by continuing demand over the years, has...
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