Audi's Marketing Strategy

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Analyzing the marketing strategy of AUDI in Indian market

The main principle of this research proposal is to analyze the marketing strategy of Audi in Indian market. This research proposal further reveals the approaches or a way of methods to achieve the expected results of this research and to gain knowledge of Audi’s marketing strategy and Car market in India. The idea of this research is raised from the main aim of Audi India. Their aim is to be leading luxury car brand in India. This research proposal shows the way of accomplishing the research aims and objectives. The result of this research could open the door for Audi as well as any automobile companies to enter and to dominate the Indian market. This research would clearly define the problems that Audi is facing in Indian market and the result of this research would be a solution for all the problems. This research will be focusing more into Indian car market and German car Manufacture Company (Audi).

Background definition:
Audi is a German car manufacture company founded in Zwickau, Germany on 16 July 1909. It is founded by August Horch. Audi cars are considered as a luxury vehicles because of its brand reputation. From the 1996 the 99.5 % of Audi is own by Volkswagen group. (, accessed on 04 April 2012)

Source: (, accessed on 04 April 2012)

The emblem of Audi four ring shows that Audi is the oldest car manufacture company of Germany. The four connected ring means the mergers of four independent car manufacture company. Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer are the four companies. In 1932 these four companies formed together to built Audi AG. (, accessed on 04 April 2012) Audi has its own production in various cities all over the world. The one is in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. That is called Audi India. Audi India has founded in 2004. Audi India has thirteen dealerships in ten states of India and two union territories of India. In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, Audi is assembling Audi Q4, A4, A6 cars and other cars are being imported for the Indian Market. The main aim of Audi India is to be leading luxury car brand in Indian market. (, accessed on 04 April 2012)

India is becoming one of the most super power countries. It is one of the countries among BRIC nations. Indian economy is 11th largest economy by GDP and 3rd largest by purchasing power parity. (, accessed on 04 April 2012)

The passenger cars and commercial vehicles manufacturing industry of India is the 6th largest in the global. Recent report says India has overtaken Brazil and became 6th largest passenger car producer in the world. According to the report in 2009, India is the 4th largest passenger car exporter in Asia after Japan, Thailand and South Korea. (Nair, Vipin V. (2009-09-07). "Suzuki, Hyundai's Indian Car Exports Beat China's". Retrieved 2010-09-01.)

There are 40 million passenger vehicles is there in India, and 3.7 million passenger vehicles is been produced in India in the year 2010. Indian automobile market is a second fastest growing automobile market in the world. Gulati, Nikhil (2010-09-09). "India Car Sales Touch Record High". Retrieved 2010-11-28. From the report of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the sale of vehicles in India would increase to 5 million by the year 2015, and it would increase to more than 9 million by the year 2020. By the year 2050, India is expected to be first in the world in the number of cars; it is expecting to hold at least 611 million of cars on the roads of India. (S Kalyana Ramanathan. "India to top in car volumes by 2050". Rediff.)

There are six major Indian car manufactures that are actually dominating the Indian automobile market. They are Force, Hindustan motors, premier, TATA, AMW and Eicher motors. There are five major Joint venture brands that are playing...
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