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Faculty of Community and Health Sciences

Title: Assessing factors contributing to staff attrition among Primary Health Care workers in Bwari Area Council of FCT, Nigeria

Student Name: Adah-Ogoh Anne Ene

Student Number: 3116456

Type of Thesis (choose one): Mini-thesis or Full Masters Thesis or Doctoral Thesis Mini Thesis

Degree: MPH

Department/School: School of Public Health, University of Western Cape

Supervisor: Dr. Busisiwe Nkosi

Co-Supervisor: (if any)

Date: 28/ 01/2013

10 Keywords: Attrition, Health care workers, Rural, urban, factors, primary health care centres, employment, facilities, rates, Nigeria


Attrition can be defined as the number of health workers who permanently leave their posts, retire, and relocate to other health facilities nationally or internationally Attrition among health care workers is due to a number of reasons which include but are not limited to retirement, death, dismissal and voluntary resignation Attrition among health care workers in Nigeria is a major factor that contributes to the plummeting health indices of the country. Even though frequently spoken about, there are very few recent studies that are available in Nigeria describing the factors contributing to attrition among health care workers. The objectives of the study are to explore the factors that contribute to the exit of employees from health care facility where they previously worked or contribute to them seeking employment in another health facility. The study also seeks to verify if there are differences between the factors that contribute to attrition in the rural area and the urban primary health care centres within Bwari area council since some existing literature over ten years old especially in the west area of Nigeria suggest so. In this descriptive observational study, self-administered pre tested questionnaires will be distributed to specialized cadre of health care workers which includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses and laboratory scientist or technicians who have left their jobs in eight out of the twenty five primary health care centres located in Bwari area council of Abuja. These Self-administered questioners will describe the various factors that contribute to attrition among the health care workers. The study sample would consist of health care workers who have resigned from health facilities in Bwari area council but still reside in Bwari. The data collected would be analysed using epi info statistical system and presented to the health care workers and members of the administration of Bwari area council as statistical tables, bar graphs and pie charts. The study also would serve as basis for other researchers who might want to describe associations between any of the factors that contributed to attrition as described in the study.

Attrition among health care workers results in decreased availability, accessibility, quality and utilization of health services especially in rural areas.This is very significant especially in Nigeria where more than 70% of the populations live in the rural areas and have access to primary health care centres providing only basic level care and refferals. The health workforce in Nigeria is mostly concentrated in urban areas which consists more of secondary and tertiary health care services.This has contributed significantly to the declining or stagnating key health indices in Nigeria where recent statistics reveal that life expectancy dropped from 53.8 years for females and 52.6 years for males in 1991 to 48.2 years for females and 46.8 years for males in 2000. The infant mortality rate (IMR) rose from 87.2 per 1,000 live births in 1990 to 105 in 1999. Nigerian urban areas are also more attractive to healthcare professionals due to the social, cultural and professional advantages of urban work. Large metropolitan centres offer greater opportunities for career...

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